The Hero

A cleavage-baring Italian TV reporter’s scoop interview with the meek girlfriend of the schmuck who accidentally saves New York from nuclear annihilation results in a confrontation that leaves both women reassessing their identities.

Genre: Dramedy (30 mn. Short, in development)
Produced by Christine Daum-Farber & Nelson Farber
Written & Directed by Nelson Farber

VINCENZA ABRUZZESE is part of the international media feeding frenzy surrounding the anticipated imminent death of `The Hero.’ `The Hero’ sustained his soon-to-be fatal injuries foiling a terrorist plot to blow up New York City.  Always one step ahead of the crowd, Vincenza snoops out the previously secret names of both `The Hero’ and his girlfriend, the reserved JANICE BLICKERSON. Janice gives Vincenza an interview in her apartment in which she mourns the loss of `The Hero.’ But Vincenza sniffs insincerity and stays behind to learn more and to dish up dirt. But then a miracle completely changes the course of events, and unleashes a raging conflict between the two women that will change each of their lives forever.