Feature length documentary 85’/52’/45′, in development
supported by fiscal sponsor IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project)

Avant-garde 1920’s and 30’s physicians thrust aside all constraints set by the old scientific and religious guards and launch a global movement, as they carry out ghoulish experiments and procedures to reverse aging, achieve immortality, and even to resurrect the dead.

The trailer introduces the Russian aspect of the story.

Tens of thousands receive implants of monkey testicles as a ‘rejuvenation’ cure. Others seek eternal youth by swapping blood with young donors or receiving injections of urine from pregnant women. The world watches in awe as a dead dog’s head is revived, and the inevitable question is posed: ‘if a dog’s head can be brought back, why not a human one?’

Sundance winner Daniel B. Gold and writing-directing team Christine Daum-Farber and Nelson Farber join forces on a cerebral feature length documentary, about this bizarre and little-known episode of 20th Century history.

‘Technotality’ shows how the radical science is intertwined with the turbulent political and social upheaval of the inter-war period. The researchers and their supporters want to change the world by changing the human body. We explore how the utopian visions are tied into the radical political ideologies of the day.