Nicholson Baker’s ‘House of Holes’

Nicholson Baker is one of America’s most imaginative and iconoclastic writers. In December, 2012, we traveled to Maine to interview him about his latest novel, an erotic fantasia called House of Holes for aspekte. It is like sex on acid, only without the LSD. An example: one woman gets off when Russian composers Alexander Borodin and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov play a piano concert on her body. “What’s the point of writing this if you don’t have fun!” Baker tells us.

We decided to have some fun of our own, and developed a fictional erotic story line, which we weave into our piece. The characters in our scenes do not merely re-enact Baker’s fantasies, but instead are inspired by them to go on a “trip” all their own. The fictional footage helps bring the dream world and emotions in the book to life. It is the magazine piece that we are most proud of. We are thankful for the wonderful cinematography of Frank Angelcyk, and for the fine performances of our actors, Ying Ying Li and Todd Miller.

This piece on was aired on the German culture show aspekte/ ZDF on 01/20/2012.