A beautiful mystery woman appears every time a man comes into contact with foam, driving him crazy. To foam or not to foam? 

Dramedy (Short, In Production) 
Produced, written & directed by
Christine Daum-Farber & Nelson Farber
Starring Ying Ying Lee & Todd Miller
Director of Photography Frank Angelcyk
Editor Marco Bölke

An average Joe’s lonely night out at the Laundromat results in a series of surreal erotic adventures with a gorgeous woman who seemingly vanishes into thin air. But she comes back every time he is around foam, only to disappear again. Is she real or is he losing his mind? Either way, the cause and effect is clear. If he wants her to appear he must “embrace the foam,” but if he prefers sanity, he must “avoid the foam” at all costs. Which path will our hero choose?