Song of Solomon: Update

We are pleased to announce that the editing of our narrative film ‘Song of Solomon’ is near completion, and will soon be ready for color correction in the coming weeks. In our story, the spiritual power of romantic love transforms a soul-dead attorney, in this riff on the Bible’s ‘Song of Solomon’, also known as the ‘Song of Songs’. As we originally wrote in describing the project: ‘Solomon’ collides two universes. One is a world of malevolence, pettiness, bitterness, brutality, banality and greed. The other is that of beauty, color, flavor, fragrance, sensuality, sexuality and mysticism. Perhaps there is a common denominator to these opposing spheres – our capacity for … Continue reading

Truvada as Prep: Can the End of AIDS be in Sight?

HIV/AIDS may soon be wiped out. Imagine those dreamy, utopian words being uttered in 1984? The past’s distant fantasy could now plausibly become reality, thanks to a wonder drug that comes in a blue pill, called ‘Truvada.’ Truvada, while a story of miracles, is also one of obstacles and controversies. Our story on the topic, shot in New York City and Berlin, aired on 3sat/Nano on December 1, 2015, and can be seen here. Thanks to previous advances, AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence and has ceased to pervade the collective psyche and popular culture. But young people and people of color still get infected at alarming numbers. … Continue reading

The ‘Sociometer’ – Social Physics for the 21st Century or a Return to 1984?

Sociometers being distributed at the factory. Our piece on the wearable technology known as the ‘Sociometer’ aired on 3sat nano on September 21, 2015, and can be seen here. Alex “Sandy” Pentland of the MIT Media Lab is one of the world’s foremost informatics scholars/gurus.”  His latest creation, the ‘Sociometer,’ is a device about the size of a card deck worn around the neck like an ID badge, equipped with sensors that capture your voice and measure your movements. The device does not record what you are saying, though. Using data collected over dozens of human studies, both in labs and the field, Pentland has now amassed over 100 metrics … Continue reading