Song of Solomon: Update


We are pleased to announce that the editing of our narrative film ‘Song of Solomon’ is near completion, and will soon be ready for color correction in the coming weeks. In our story, the spiritual power of romantic love transforms a soul-dead attorney, in this riff on the Bible’s ‘Song of Solomon’, also known as the ‘Song of Songs’. As we originally wrote in describing the project:

‘Solomon’ collides two universes. One is a world of malevolence, pettiness, bitterness, brutality, banality and greed. The other is that of beauty, color, flavor, fragrance, sensuality, sexuality and mysticism. Perhaps there is a common denominator to these opposing spheres – our capacity for laughter and comedy (even when tragic), which helps us in our struggle to survive the first, while easing us through the ambiguities and pathos that exist even in the second.

Written and directed by Nelson Farber, and shot by Christine Daum-Farber, the film stars the superb William Jousset in the title role, together with stellar cast-mates Charlotte Arnoux, Judy Maier, Steve Maiselson, Margaret Reed and Rick Zahn. We think the world of these actors – individually and collectively, professionally and personally.

Special gratitude also to Sound Engineer Baros Kaynak and Gaffer John Gabriele, who always found the most creative solutions to technical challenges on-set! Back in Berlin, one could not hope for a better post-production collaborator than our extraordinary editor, Jasmin Hoffhaus.

Many updates will follow, but for now here are some stills from the film: