Song of Solomon

10/23/2014      We are excited to be working on our new short narrative film (which we have some aspiration to turn into a feature) called Song of Solomon. The spiritual power of romantic love rescues a soul-dead attorney, in this riff on the Bible’s Song of Solomon, also known as the Song of Songs. It is written and directed by Nelson and shot by Christine as Director of Photography. We are shooting November 1-4.

Many brilliant actors submitted for the roles, and great new professional relationships and friendships were formed in the process. In the end, we were thrilled to cast the following exceptional actors: William Jousset (“Solomon Burke”), Charlotte Arnoux (“Abisha”), Judy Maier (“Brenda Kaufman”), Margaret Reed (Mary Cooke), Rick Zahn (“Gabriel Ghobobani”), Steve Maiselson (“Milan Santonini). We also offer special acknowledgement to our extremely competent, kind and thorough Production Designer/Assistant Director Leigh Fitzjames.

Song of Solomon collides two universes. One is a world of malevolence, pettiness, bitterness, brutality, banality and greed. The other is that of beauty, color, flavor, fragrance, sensuality, sexuality and mysticism. Perhaps there is a common denominator to these opposing spheres – our capacity for laughter and comedy (even when tragic), which helps us in our struggle to survive the first, while easing us through the ambiguities and pathos that exist even in the second.