About us

We are seasoned professionals — but with fresh ideas. We have developed a reputation for being both visually and intellectually provocative, taking full advantage of ‘cinema’ to stir emotions and ideas. We employ our vibrant approach both in our own and commissioned projects.    

We challenge lazy assumptions and dualities. Life is nuanced, and this is reflected in our work. A scientist who sees his discovery as a pathway to immortality may be part visionary, part quixotic fool, as we explore in TECHNOTALITY. A chess master who sacrifices conventional livelihood and family to pursue his passion may be both a true artist and a self-destructive gaming junkie, as we see in PERPETUAL CHECK . But in the end, we seek to engage our audience, so that it may form its own opinion, even one entirely different from our own.

We are at home with both fiction and non-fiction. Fiction can sometimes most vividly express human realities, while ‘factual’ content can fire up the imagination.

We are fortunate to live and work in two of the world’s greatest cities, New York and Berlin. We have established companies in both locations — Thumbs Up! Christine Daum Film Produktion in Berlin and Baby Leo Films, Inc. in New York. We draw on the creative energies and spirits of both locations, and their rich and diverse talent pools. Our key team members are from both locations.

We are excited to be working on so many interesting projects, and hope that you will join us at some point along the way!

Christine Daum-Farber & Nelson Farber

New York                                                                            January 1, 2013