Perpetual Check

Checkmate? Hard-core chess junkies clash with the demands of `normal’ society, jeopardizing their families, careers and even their lives, as they straddle the line between obsession and self-destruction.

Genre: Drama (feature-length)

MARK KLEIN, a prize winning novelist in his early 30’s, returns to the Greenwich Village chess club that was his boyhood haunt, to do research for a novel about the players and the conflicts in their lives caused by their addiction to the game. Through Mark, we enter the little-understood bohemian world of the New York chess scene, with many actual players appearing in the film. But investigator himself turns addict, as Mark starts spending his time at the club playing chess instead of writing his book or tending to his beautiful live-in photographer girlfriend, ANTONIA. Tensions reach a head as Mark’s publisher threatens to pull the plug on his book deal unless he delivers some quality pages, while Antonia makes veiled threats about leaving him. Will Mark be able to overcome his obsession and save his relationship and career?